Practical Information

ICON is taking place at Johannes Gutenberg-Universit├Ąt Mainz.

Directions to Mainz University
Campus Map

Conference Fees: There are no conference fees. Kindly notice that since there are no fees, you have to pay for your accommodation in Mainz during the conference yourself.

Language: The official language in Germany is German. However, most people in Germany have at least a basic proficiency in English. The official conference language is English. All presentations must be held in English.

Electricity: You might have to use an adapter if the plugs in your country look any different from the ones in the picture.

German Plugs

Identification: You are required to carry your identification card all the time. The police can ask for your ID at any moment.

Accommodation: We suggest the following options based on their proximity and prize:

EJ9 in Downtown Mainz

B&B Hotel Mainz near the Central Station

Airbnb for stays at private apartments and houses