ICON Mainz

Welcome to our website. We host the International Students' Conference ICON Mainz 
here at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

On this page you find news on our activities.

ICON Bids Farewell

After four amazing conferences, we are packing up shop. ICON was a great experiment in student self-governance, but shifting priorities and a change in the academic landscape have led us to decide that it is time to discontinue the project. Thank you to everyone who shared and shaped ICON with us.

ICON thanks all the students who participated as members, presenters, and audience, all the professors who gave keynote speeches, workshops, and guidance, and all of the workers in the central services of the JGU who have helped us with rooms, printing, IT, advertisement, and so much more. A special thank you goes out to Daniel Schmicking, who founded ICON and encouraged us students to develop and pursue our own ideas. We couldn't have done it without you!

Still interested in organizing an events like a student conference?

Studium generale offers a NEW CERTIFICATE in "Event Management in Science and Research" for all students enrolled at JGU or any of the RMU universities. For further information check:  Veranstaltungsmanagement in Wissenschaft und Forschung | JGU-Zertifikate (uni-mainz.de)