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3rd International Students’ Conference at

Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany

Date of the Conference: November 20 & 21, 2020



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Call for Papers


Extended deadline:  June 30, 2020

Why identity? The opportunities people are or aren’t given, the decisions they do or don’t make, the qualities they ascribe to themselves and to others – identity is entangled everywhere. Mention, e.g., a particular sexual orientation, ethnicity, or mental condition and one risks being reduced to a single characteristic. The way we perceive ourselves and others is constantly shaped by language, image, picture, sound, gesture, clothing; the list goes on. Forms of representation can include and exclude, promote and limit self-expression, as well as hinder seeing beyond stereotypes.

Coming to terms with identity appears constantly across cultural, social, and literary discourses. ICON 2020 will provide a discussion forum for all disciplines that address one of the countless aspects of identity and representation.

Potential contribution topics include:

  • Personal and group identity
  • Identification
  • Citizenship
  • Representation of nationalities and cultures
  • Immigrant experience
  • Identity politics
  • Intersectionality Feminism
  • Performativity
  • LGBTQ+ identities and representation
  • Gender representation
  • Identity construction through language, narrative, or (social) media
  • Identities throughout history

Are our understandings of identity and forms of representation really appropriate?
Do they provide a suitable basis for addressing identity related conflicts?
How does one avoid the danger of essentializing identities?
Does “difference” incline us to construct mutually exclusive categories when dealing with “identity?”
Is there a way to ensure beneficial exchange?


Possible formats of presentations include:

  • Individual talks (20 minutes + 30 minutes discussion period)
  • Joint talks (20 minutes + 30 minutes discussion period)
  • Posters
  • Workshops (50 or 100 minutes, workshops must actively involve the participants)
  • Creative work (e.g., photo exhibition, performance, concert or audiovisual presentation)


Abstract Submission

We invite submissions of abstracts (550-600 words) on aspects of this wide range of topics.

Please include a short bio with your name, affiliation, university, and field of study in the body of your email, and send your attached abstract prepared for blind review by June 30, 2020 to icon@uni-mainz.de.

Guidelines for abstracts are available here: https://icon.uni-mainz.de/abstract-submission-2020/.


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New Call for Papers ICON 2020





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