Abstract Submission


Abstracts must be prepared for blind reviewing, i.e., they must include the title and text of the abstract, but not the author(s)’s name(s). Please attach the abstract as a PDF file to your email.

The email must include a very short bio with your name, title of your abstract (so we can match your message and your anonymous abstract), affiliation/university, and field of study in the body of your email.

The abstract should outline the purpose, the main results, a consistent and conclusive argumentation, and clearly describe the chosen methods and materials of the (individual or joint) talk, poster, workshop or further creative work.

Individual presentations should not exceed 20 minutes, followed by up to 30 minutes of discussion.

Joint presentations should consist of two or three speakers who each give a ten-minute talk, and are prepared to discuss their arguments with the joint speaker(s) as well as the audience. Nota bene: Every prospective speaker must submit an individual abstract of her/his contribution to the panel discussion.

Abstracts are limited to 600 words. As the conference language is English only abstracts in English will be accepted.

The text can include figures, and references. The recommended font is Times New Roman 12pt.

References should be limited to the minimum necessary.

For all the information on deadlines and the current topic, please check out our Call for Papers.

We are looking forward to your submissions.